Atlantic Sandblasting Receives Fourteen-Ship Mexican Contract

Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc. was recently awarded a sandblasting and coatings contract for a total of 14 ships by PEMEX and Sociedad Civil Seccion of Mexico.

The first ship of a total of 14, the Plan de Guadalupe, arrived in Tampa, Fla., on August 29. Louis Preziosi, president of Atlantic Sandblasting and Coatings, Inc., has been negotiating the contract for over a year with the owners.

The sandblasting and coating project for internal tank linings will be performed in conjunction with Tampa Ship Repair & Dry Dock Co., Inc., a division of The American Ship Building Company. Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc., is the prime contractor, and is subcontracting the pier facilities and various services from Tampa Ship.

Matthew E. Clark Jr., vice president of sales and marketing of Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc., is coordinating all activities with Tampa Ship Repair & Dry Dock Co.

Kenneth Lang, vice president of production, is presently overseeing major sandblasting and c o a t i n g p r o j e c t s at Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. and also Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock Corp., but will be joining the blasting and coating project in Tampa in the near future. Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years, and has grown into one of the leading sandblasting and coating contractors in the marine industry. Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc., main office is at 505 Faulkenburg Road, Tampa, Fla. 33619, with branch offices in New York, N.Y. and San Francisco, Calif.

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