Zapper, Inc. Applies For Title XI To Build $9-Million Barge Carrier

The Maritime Administration has received applications from Zapper, Inc., Morgan City, La., for both a Title XI guarantee and construction-differential subsidy (CDS) to aid in financing the construction of one 7,200-dwt semisubmersible, self-propelled barge carrier.

The company was incorporated in 1975 to develop this type of vessel. The vessel would be rated at 4,800 shp and would be 445 feet long, with a beam of 96 feet, and a draft of 12 feet 6 inches. It would carry large containers or river barges, operate on the principle of a floating drydock, and would have a versatile cargo capability. Zapper proposes to haul covered hopper barges loaded with grain from Morgan City, La., to Kingston, Jamaica.

The estimated actual cost of the vessel is $9.4 million; the company is seeking CDS of approximately 41 percent, or $3.9 million. A shipyard has not been selected.

The Maritime Subsidy Board has authorized publication of a Federal Register notice of its intent to compute the foreign cost of the vessel in connection with this application.

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